Predicd REST API

We've got exciting news for you! We're now offering the Predicd REST API, an interface that provides seamless access to our precise, AI-generated predictive data. You can directly integrate this data into your projects or applications to elevate them to the next level. Discover the vast possibilities with us!

Free Access During Development

Our API is currently still in the development phase, but we're convinced of its potential and would like to offer you the opportunity to use it already. This is a fantastic chance to enhance your projects with our AI-generated predictive data. During this test phase, access to the API is free, as your valuable feedback helps us optimize and tailor it to user needs.

The Future of the API

To maintain our operations and continuously improve our services, access to the API will become paid in the future. But don't worry, we're working on creating fair conditions for everyone! If you're interested in early access and want to explore what our API can do, don't hesitate to contact us via our contact form. We're looking forward to providing you with all the necessary information and access details so you can get started right away.